Champion F-Class shooter Jade Delcambre, from Louisiana writes:

"Hi Steve,

   Just wanted to keep you updated on the bullets you sent me last year (210 JLK LT). I'm still shooting the same lot and having great results.

I recently won the overall FTR division at the Tennessee Long Range State Championship (1000 yards) on Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 3-4 2016) in Tullahoma Tennessee.

I just shot the Louisiana Championship (600 yards) this past weekend (Oct. 1-2 2016) at Palo Alto gun range in Donaldsonville Louisiana and won the overall FTR division there also. On my first string of the first day at the Louisiana Championship i tied the National single string FTR record at 600 yards shooting 200-16X.

Last year i broke the National single string record at 1000 yards shooting 200-13X at the F Class Nationals in Phoenix Arizona. That particular record has since been broken by Derek Rogers shooting 200-14X but i was very happy to have it while it stood.

These bullets have shot great from day one in my rifle, thanks for making a great product and i look forward to using them in the future. "

Thanks again,
Jade Delcambre

GREAT SHOOTING Jade... and thanks for telling us of your success with JLK's....