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Low Drag (LD) Bullet Specs and Pricing
We are Now Accepting Orders for Low Drag bullets

  At one time the original owner of JLK Bullets, Jimmy Knox, made a line of Low Drag flat base bullets to complement his line of true VLD's. Since Swampworks took over the production of JLK Bullets early in 2006 we have concentrated primarily on the VLD bullet production, mainly because that was where most of the customer interest has been. With the recent publication of an article by Steve Hugel in Varmint Hunter magazine there has been a great showing of renewed interest in the LD bullets. Numerous calls and E-mails have come in from shooters requesting info or wanting to place orders.

In light of this interest we will be dragging out the dies that Jimmy used to make these bullets and making an occasional run of the LD bullets in the 52, 60 and 65 grain sizes.

As with all of the bullets made by Swampworks / JLK, it will be VERY DIFFICULT for us to keep stock on the shelf. We order materials for a run based on the number of ORDERS already on hand plus a small amount extra to account for production variances.

  Subsequent productions runs for any particular LD bullet will occur as order volume demands that we insert the bullet into the schedule.

  Go to our ORDER page (bullet at LEFT) for info on how to order JLK Bullets.

  PLEASE NOTE that the LD bullets do not appear on our downloadable order form. There are a few blank lines at the bottom of the sheet for you to insert the LD bullets of your choice if you choose to send in an order via snail mail.

Our .224 cal. Low Drag bullets.

52 grain LD
60 grain LD
65 grain LD

LD (Low Drag) Bullet Specifications
All dimensions below, unless specified otherwise, are in inches
All Low Drag bullets are of long ogive hollow point design with a flat base.

 Bullet .224-52 LD .224-60 LD .224-65 LD
Catalog Number #2252-LD #2260-LD #2265-LD
Weight (grains)
Overall Length
Length of Bearing
Length of Boattail
Angle of Boattail
Meplat Diameter
Radius of Ogive (Calibers)
Axial Length of Ogive
Optimum Barrel Twist
Ballistic Coefficient

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