How to Order

 JLK Bullets can be ordered in any one of the following ways:

1  By US Mail. Print off our Customer Order Form from the link below, fill it out and mail it to the address on the header.  Please send payment as either Money Order, Personal Check (Please allow 10 days for check clearance), or by Credit Card. Swampworks accepts both Visa and MasterCard.

Important Note: All checks and Money Orders MUST be made out to "Swampworks Inc."

2  By Phone. Just give us a ring at (417) 831-2309, 9AM to 5PM Central Time, Monday through Friday and we'll take your order over the phone. We accept either Visa or MasterCard as payment on all phone orders.
PLEASE NOTE: I am in the workshop A LOT !!  Most of the time I can't hear the phone ring or immediately stop what I'm doing to answer even if I can hear it. PLEASE leave a message and I'll call you back when I can.
     When instructed by the answer message, leave your own message by pressing "2" on your phone to reach our mailbox. If you DON'T press "2", then your message goes into mailbox #1 and is automatically deleted with all the automated junk calls we receive.
     When leaving your phone number, SPEAK SLOWLY, SPEAK CLEARLY !!!

3  By E-Mail.   Drop us an E-mail order addressed to: <>. Be sure to give us your complete name and shipping address and a listing of the bullets you want.
You will need to CALL US with your Visa-MC information.
Please DO NOT, rpt. DO NOT send credit card info in an E-mail. The banks are really becoming Nazi about number security and require that we DO NOT accept credit card numbers via electronic media.

To download and print off our Customer Order Form
HERE then hit your print button.

 JLK Bullets
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JLK Bullets is owned and operated by Swampworks, Inc.   
Steve "Swampy" Milholland, President and CEO.