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LD and VLD

A Quick, maybe a bit tongue in cheek, yet still serious
Note About Our VLD and LD Bullet Prices

    Have you ever been scoring during a Highpower or F-Class match, or in the "off" relay, and watched the wind conditions as they change? You probably have.... and many times you have probably seen what happens as the wind flags suddenly drop or maybe even do a quick reverse. Just as the flags drop three or four shooters will let off a shot. About 10 seconds later you can hear curses fly up and down the line as their targets come up out of the pits showing spotters in the 9 ring or maybe even the 8 ring on the upwind side (or what USED to be the upwind side).
     Has this ever happened to you?? I can tell you it's happened to me. The one thing more shooters get caught on than anything else at the Long Line is the "Unseen Wind Change".... It's a sure way to drop a point or two.

     If you are like me, you can't afford to drop any unnecessary points, even one or two.  In the highly competitive world of NRA Highpower and F-Class shooting a point or two can make the difference beteween winning or losing your Class.
     What's the answer???
     Well, nothing is a "Cure All" for dropped points (Would that such a thing existed), but if you are shooting the MOST CONSISTENT bullets with the highest Ballistic Coefficient that you can get your hands on, then maybe that "upwind 8" due to the wind reverse you missed, or that "upwind 9" because you didn't see the flags drop just as you got back on the trigger would not have happened. Wouldn't a mid ring 9 be better than that 8 after a switch?? A scratch 10 would SURE look a lot better than that 9 that rose up from the pits after the flags dropped.

     We can't guarantee you that ANY bullet will keep you from dropping points due to wind.... but we can say with pretty good confidence that a more consistent bullet with a higher BC (and the BC's don't come any higher than the JLK VLD's) is going to buck the wind better and increase your chances for staying "Closer to the Middle"... and not costing you as many points due to unseen wind shifts.

     Now.... what's all this got to do with our Bullet Prices???
     Bullet Economics 101, Lesson 1 is about to begin....

     Numerous times I've heard people complain that, "Swampy wants too much for his bullets", or "I can't afford those high dollar VLD bullets".

     HUH!!??!!   Come again???

     JLK's VLD bullets are a premium product. Any truly "premium" item is going to cost a bit more than the mass produced items from the Big Bullet Factories like "Brand S" or "Brand H".   It can't be helped.
     So what makes a "Premium" bullet???
     JLK Bullets are made one bullet at a time. Each and every bullet goes through 4 separate forming stages during which human hands do the work.  In the Big Bullet Factories bullets are cranked out on automatic machinery by the umpteen thousands per hour. Human hands never touch the product until it's being inspected and packed.
     It's a fact of life that doing something by hand costs more than making it on automatic machinery. Fortunately however, doing something by hand can also bring great benefits to the quality (Read: dimensional CONSISTENCY) and utility of the end product. JLK's bullets bear this out... in spades. If you measure and sort bullets from base to ogive as most serious long range competitors do, then you will find that JLK's have the ABSOLUTE TIGHTEST B/O variance of any maker in existence, bar none. Tighter B/O variance equals way fewer sort piles.....

     OK now..... JLK's Bullets are going to cost you a few cents to maybe even a nickel a pop more than the bullets you are used to buying.
     Let's put this into perspective....
     Let's say you are shooting a JLK VLD bullet that costs you 5 cents more than the bullet you were using.  In a typical CMP "Leg" or NRA Highpower or F-Class event you will shoot 22 shots in a 600 or 1000 yard match.

   Twenty-two times 5 cents equals $1.10.

     That's One Dollar and Ten Cents. A buck and a dime. You can't even get a hamburger for that anymore (When I was 16 I flipped burgers that sold for 20 cents per... Cokes were a dime and fries were 15 cents. A meal of two burgers, fries, and a drink was only 65 cents.).
    Not no mo', Joe.

     Now, let's just say that having the added wind bucking ability of JLK's high BC VLD bullets has saved you only ONE POINT in a 22 round match. In many of the events I've shot that one point can make a difference in where you end up in the standings.
     How about if the JLK VLD's saved you two or maybe THREE points.... maybe even an extra X or two instead of 10's???
     How many times have you come up from the line after firing 22 rounds shaking your head and bemoaning the points (or X's) you dropped cuz' the wind caught you???
     Where would you have ended up in the standings if you'd NOT dropped a few of those points, or had one or two more X's???

     Think for a moment..... Does it make sense to spend $800 to $1000+ on a custom rifle action, $500 to install a custom barrel, $200+ on a custom trigger, $600 to $1000 on a custom stock, big bucks for a top notch set of sights, more big bucks for glass and mounts.... then send it all off to a top notch 'smith.... pay him a good amount of hard earned cash and wait many months for him to do his best custom work on it so you can acquire a true CUSTOM precision long range target or hunting rifle.......

.... and THEN shoot "off the shelf" bullets in it ???

        HUH !!!???!!!
  You Gotta' be kidding me....

     Does a very expensive CUSTOM precision hand made rifle, made for a SERIOUSLY competitive precision shooter, not deserve the chance to show its best stuff by shooting the best CUSTOM precision hand made projectiles that can be had?

     Beginning to get the picture with regard to "Bullet Economics 101"?

     Maybe it should be "Bullet Economics $1.10"

     Isn't an extra $1.10 investment in your ammo box when you lay down on the line worth the potential gain???

     Lot's of shooters think so. We think YOU will too after you've tried your first box of JLK Bullets high BC VLD's.

     Custom precision rifles and seriously competitve precision shooters deserve the best in true CUSTOM precision projectiles....

     End of lesson..... "Bullet Economics $1.10"

JLK Bullets
Bullet Prices
Effective as of Sept 1, 2014

CALL or E-MAIL to ask about sample quantity purchases. (For first time buyers only.)     Quantities vary widely.
Subject to availability.

 Bullet Catalog
Mfg. Suggested Retail Price
per Bullet  USD$
.224 70 gr. VLD 2270 250 .3750 USD$
.224 75 gr. VLD 2275 250 .3800
.224  80 gr. VLD 2280 250 .3500
.224  90 gr. VLD Discontinued
Jackets not
250 N/A
6mm 105 gr. VLD 24105 100 (see home page)
6mm 115 gr. VLD 24115 100 (see home page)
.257  108 gr. VLD 25108 200 .4726
6.5mm 130 gr.VLD 26130 100 (see home page)
6.5mm 140 gr. VLD 26140 100 (see home page)
7mm  168 gr. VLD 28168 125 .5700
7mm  180 gr. VLD 28180 125 .5718
.308 155 gr. VLD Palma 30155 Palma 125 .5534
.308  175 gr. VLD 30175 125 .5630
.308 180 gr. VLD
LBT (Long BT)
30180LBT 125 .5650
.308  190 gr. VLD 30190 125 .5690
.308  210 gr. VLD 30210 125 .5850
.308 210 gr. VLD
LBT (Long BT)
30210LBT 125 (see home page)
LOW DRAG (LD) type bullets
 .224  52 gr. LD 2252LD 250 CALL
 .224  60 gr. LD 2260LD 250 .3600
 .224  65 gr. LD 2265LD 250 .3700

 .224  77 gr. CO 2277CO 250 .3800

 One more note regarding pricing:   The recent market fluctuations in the cost of raw lead and copper prompt us to give the following caveat...


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