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We've had a long, tough row to hoe here at JLK Bullets. The last four years has seen us struggling to supply shooters with good, available, and competitively priced projectiles. During this time bullet jackets were VERY hard to acquire, making production runs of any one particular size few and far between. Compounding the crime was the fact that what jackets we could get were priced so high that our price to the shooter was out of line with the market.
Not good... for us or for you.

Well, NO MORE !!!

We now have a new jacket supplier. Jackets for 6mm and 6.5mm bullets are in stock here in enough quantity to keep us happily and busily making bullets without stopping for months to come. Best of all…. These new jackets are MUCH better priced than previously.

Other calibers are in the works. If you are a .224, 7mm, or 30 cal shooter, have no worries. They will be coming soon too…

Right now please feel free to peruse the latest and greatest pricing schedule
for our 6mm and 6.5mm bullets:

 Bullet Price Price Price
  100 - 399 400 - 999 1000 +
 6mm 105 gr. VLD $.38 each $.35 each $.34 each
 6mm 110 gr. VLD   NEW Size !!! .38 .35 .34
 6mm 115 gr. VLD  BACK AGAIN !!! .42 .40 .38
 6.5mm 130 gr. VLD $.47 each $.45 each $.43
 6.5mm 140 gr. VLD .47 .45 .43
 6.5mm 147 gr. VLD  COMING SOON      
 .308 cal 210 gr. Long Tail VLD $.585 each $.56 $.53

JLK Bullets..
LOWEST B/O Variance*
NO BS !!!

*Base to Ogive

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Steve "Swampy" Milholland, President and CEO