a CMP Affiliated Club in 
Springfield, Missouri





 Jan 6  Heritage Cafeteria....

Springfield MO
 Corner of Battlefield and Fremont.
Meet in the lobby 5:00 PM
Annual Club Dinner, Meeting,
and Officers Election
Members and non-Members welcome.
BYOD ( Buy Your Own Dinner )
 Jan 20

 Dalton Range
Reloading Clinic -- 8:00 AM
Feb 17

Dalton Range
Annual FUN SHOOT !!! -- 8:00 AM
March 3 

Dalton Range
 Beginning Rifle Competition
Position Shooting Clinic
for High Power and Smallbore -- 8:00 AM
For More info:   GO HERE
March 10

Dalton Range
Beginners "Any Rifle" Match -- 8:00 AM
April 21

 Dalton Range
Club League Match -- 8:00 AM
May 12

 Dalton Range
CMP Sanctioned John C. Garand Match
Advance Registration Suggested
8:00 AM
May 26

Dalton Range
Carbine Match -- 8:00 AM
June 9

Dalton Range
Rimfire Sporter Match -- 8:00 AM
 July 21

 Dalton Range
 M1 Rattle Battle -- 8:00 AM
Jul 29 to
Aug 4

Camp Perry, OH
SAFS, JCG, Spfld, EIC, Presidents 100, etc
Jul 30 to
Aug 5

 Marshall, MO
(Bucksnort Range)
 PLANET 2007 Matches, NRA Sanctioned
Three days practice, 2 days NRA Highpower,
1 day Long Range, 1 day Team Match
Aug 18

Dalton Range
Bolt Rifle Match -- 8:00 AM
Sept 1

Dalton Range
Club League Match -- 8:00 AM
Oct 13

Dalton Range
CMP Sanctioned John C Garand Match
Advance Registration Suggested
8:00 AM

For directions to the Dalton Range
see the
"Where we Hold our Meetings & Matches" page.

     For more specific information on any of these matches or events, please get in touch with one of the Club Officers listed on the OFFICERS & CONTACTS page. 

    Keep checking in for updates. Things periodically change or something new will be added to the schedule.

     For information on Junior Shooters events, please see the Juniors Coordinator.

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