a CMP Affiliated Club in 
Springfield, Missouri


    The OOS makes an effort to frequently host clinics to help highpower shooters improve their skills.

     The Club recently hosted a clinic to show new members and those who have never tried reloading how it's done. Even old hands at reloading picked up a few pointers.

 Creed Milsap gives club members instruction on proper case preparation.

In this photo, he evidently sees something that he does not like. Either that or he just swallowed a lemon.

 Missouri Conservation Dept. officials proved very helpful in providing not only the classroom for the clinic, but vast amounts of equipment for the demos and their own expertise as well.

     In January of 2001 a contingent from the Army Marksmanship Unit came to Springfield to instruct a clinic on highpower rifle shooting.

     Here the two Army instructors show the proper method of using the M1 rifle with a sling in prone position.

     Note that he Army instructor is a "lefty".

     Attaching the 1907 leather sling to the M1 can be a bit tricky, that is until you learn how it's done. These guys know how to do it right.

    Club member Steve Kemm gets instruction for his M1.

Adult members and Juniors alike benefit from the knowledge passed along by the helpful experts from the Army Marksmanship Unit.


      Each year in September the Missouri Conservation Department hosts what it calls "THE GREAT OUTDOORS DAY". The public is invited to come to the Range Complex and try many different activities, including trap & skeet, blackpowder, archery, fishing, and rifle shooting. Reps from many different outdoors product companies are on hand to give free demos of their wares. There are also grills set up for supplying lots of burgers and dogs for the hungry kids and adults that come out. Each year more than a thousand people come to this event.

     The OOS participate at the Great Outdoors Day every year. The MCD allows us to use several booths on the Rifle Range to give highpower rifle demos to the public. Dozens of people were allowed to sit in a booth and fire a few familiarization rounds from an M1 Garnand or from an M1 Carbine at bullseyes 50 yds downrange. Many folks were fascinated to acually hold in their hands and fire the same type of weapons that soldiers from WWII and Korea used in defending our Nations freedoms. Many had never seen these historic weapons outside of a movie theater or on TV.

     The Missouri Conservation Depts. "Great Outdoors Day" last September.

      Two interested members of the public receive instruction on how to load and fire the M1 rifle from OOS member Tim Rousset.

     Because of our promotion of our sport at these events OOS has gained several new members for the last several shooting seasons.

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