a CMP Affiliated Club in 
Springfield, Missouri


   The future of all shooting Sports lies with the youth of this nation. The CMP and the Osage Orange Sharpshooters want to take an active part if promoting the shooting sports to the young people of this area.

   The OOS is currently introducing a smallbore (.22) target program for young shooters in our lineup of regular activites. The Range at the
Marshfield Shooting Club near Marshfield is being used for Youth Matches.

   If you have a Junior shooter in your family who would like to give competitive .22 smallbore shooting a try, get in touch with our Junior Shooters Coordinator for full details and instructions on how to get involved.

 Please contact our Junior Shooters Coordinator,
Mr. Kent Ward at: 417-724-1756
or E-mail him at:  kent@wardconciliation.com

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