a CMP Affiliated Club in 
Springfield, Missouri


      The easiest way for you to get involved with the OOS and Highpower Rifle Shooting is to come to one of our events.  Please feel free to call one of our club officers for definite information on match fees and times. Also feel free to ask any questions that you may have about the event.
    OOS President and Match Director Bill Corcoran shows member David Fuller the proper way to attach the M1907 leather sling to the upper arm.

     If you need to borrow a rifle for your first couple of matches the club has a few "loaner" M1 Garands and M1 Carbines. PLEASE be sure that if you need to use a loaner rifle that you make arrangements with the Match Director in advance of the event. The number of "loaner rifles" is limited.
     There is no charge for the use of a club "loaner" rifle, but you will be required to purchase from the club the ammo you use in the "loaner" rifle ( NOTE: we do not allow the use of "brought from home" commercial or handloaded ammo in our loaner rifles). We usually have a stock of Military Surplus 30-06 and .30 Carbine ammo on hand for this purpose. The price is quite reasonable and below what you would pay in a retail outlet. Ammo prices are the same to both visitors and members.

     If you have your own qualifying rifle that you want to shoot and the other few needed items, that's great. Come on out, meet the guys, and have a ball learning about Highpower Rifle Competition.

 Equipment needed to shoot in a Garand League match or JCG match is quite basic.
    An M1 rifle with sling, a few throw rugs or a piece of old carpet for a mat, a glove (padded if possible) to protect your "off" hand from sling pressure, hearing protection, a can of sight blacking, and a box of .30-06 ammo.
     While not absolutely necessary, a spotting scope is a great help in adjusting your fire during a match.

 PLEASE NOTE: The Civilian Marksmanship Program requires that anyone who participates in a CMP Club event, whether a club member or not, MUST have a Liability Affidavit on file with the local Club. This is a "once per lifetime" thing. Once you have the Affidavit on file, you never need fill one out again. Go ""HERE"" to download and print a copy of the form.
This Affidavit must be signed, dated, and notarized. Be sure to bring it with you the day of your first match.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE:    Anyone is welcome to come out to Osage Orange events at the Andy Dalton Range and shoot one match as a guest of the Club.   It is requested that you join the OOS before shooting your second match at the Andy Dalton range, as use of this facility during related Club events is restricted by the MO Conservation Dept. regulations to members of the Club utilizing the range.

At the Springfield Bench Rest Club's facility, anyone, whether a member of OOS and SBRC or not, is welcome to attend and shoot at any and all Highpower events held .

Note: items marked with a ( ** ) are not available at the Springfield Bench Rest Rifle Club's events.
If you need these items at a SBBRC match, you'll need to bring your own.

      RIFLES.   As stated above, a few "loaner" M1 Garands and M1 Carbines are available for new member or guest use. Be sure to notify the Match Director a couple days before the match that you need a "loaner", so he can make sure that one is available on the day you plan to shoot.

   **AMMO.     The club usually has a stock on hand of the following ammo:
.30 Carbine
.30-06 Spfld (M2 ball)
     If you are using a loaner rifle or need to purchase ammo for your own rifle, be sure to contact the Match Director beforehand to confirm price and availability of the caliber you need.

    TARGETS.     Match targets are provided by the club as a part of your match entry fee or can be purchased individually for practice sessions.

    STAPLERS and STAPLES.    The Dalton Range provides staplers for shooters to use in setting up their targets.

     **SPOTTING SCOPE.    The MO Conservation Dept. has spotting scopes available for rent at the Dalton Range Office Window for a nominal charge.     

   **SHOOTING MAT.   There are a limited number of small carpet pieces at the Dalton Range. Most members bring their own but feel free to use one of these if you don't have one.

    **HEARING PROTECTION.     The MO Conservation Dept. has foam ear plugs available at No Charge at the Range Office Window.

    The club does have a few "loaner rifles" for new members and visitors to use.

   In addition to M1 Garands, we also have a few M1 Carbines available.

   Generally, it only takes one match and the new shooter is hooked. He (she) then wants to get his very own M1. That's what the CMP is there for.

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